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U.S. Xpress Logistics Gains 100% Visibility Across All Their Partners

U.S. Xpress Logistics

CHATTANOOGA, TN. - January 5, 2015- U.S. Xpress Logistics, “With its ability to track and trace all our partner carriers, combined with features like automated arrival and departure alerts and TMS integration, MacroPoint gives us a level of visibility that other brokers simply can’t match.”

–Ryan Rogers, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Xpress Logistics

As the logistics and brokerage division for the nation’s fifth largest truckload carrier company, U.S. Xpress Logistics simply could not put all their faith on the not-always-reliable method of placing driver check calls. Instead, as a representative of one of the premier transportation companies in North America, U.S. Xpress Logistics needed to be able to offer their customers the peace of mind that comes from always knowing where their assets are during transit.

Now, with help from MacroPoint’s automated freight tracking software, U.S. Xpress Logistics is able to deliver a level of location visibility to match each of their customer’s freight tracking needs. Built to track any cell phone or mobilecomm device, MacroPoint has become a best friend to the brokerage & logistics company, allowing U.S. Xpress Logistics the ability to gain real-time tracking updates on every load.

“As if giving us the ability to track & trace all of our partner carriers wasn’t enough, MacroPoint offers the added advantage of ease of use.” Delivering the load-based flexibility to track any freight, even freight brokered by 3rd party carriers, U.S. Xpress Logistics will be able to roll out the MacroPoint solution across their brokerage and logistics division.

“MacroPoint’s solution is a great example of simplicity and power. Receiving tracking data directly into our TMS platform without proactive phone calls adds another level of efficiency, saves valuable time, and makes managing by exception even easier.”

–Brad Young, Principal of Brokerage and Asset Light, TMW

Business Situation

As a rapidly growing division of the nation’s fifth largest truckload carrier, U.S. Xpress Logistics could not settle for just any load tracking solution. Instead, they needed a system that offered the simplicity and scalability to be used on any load


With MacroPoint’s brokered freight tracking software, U.S. Xpress Logistics is able to receive location insights on every shipment, all without ever having to make a driver check call.

MacroPoint Benefits

  • Track any brokered load via the driver’s cell phone
  • Real-time load status updates
  • Automated arrival and departure detection
  • Off-schedule monitoring and breadcrumb mapping
  • Works on any cell phone or mobilecomm device
  • No more driver check calls
  • TMW Integrated

About MacroPoint:

MacroPoint is the leader in the 3rd party freight tracking software. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the load tracking solution provider is committed to delivering automated solutions engineered to handle the real-world challenges of today’s freight brokers, 3PLs and shippers. Requiring no extra hardware to purchase, MacroPoint’s software is built to work on any driver’s cell phone – regardless of whether it is a flip phone or a smartphone. To learn more, visit them online at or call 866-960-0328.

About U.S. Xpress Enterprises:

Founded in 1985, U.S. Xpress Enterprises is the nation’s second largest privately owned truckload carrier, providing a wide variety of transportation solutions throughout North America. We are committed to being at the forefront of safety compliance, using comprehensive training for our staff and drivers and ensuring our trucks feature the latest safety innovations. With a dedication to minimizing our impact on the environment, U.S. Xpress is a SmartWay Transport Partner and was honored with a 2009 SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award. For more information, please visit

U.S. Xpress Logistics started in 2009 as the brokerage division of U.S. Xpress, Inc. U.S. Xpress Logistics' goal has long been to provide customers with superior service that enhances each customer's strategic market position. For more information, please visit