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The Advantages of Using an Asset-Based Brokerage Provider

U.S. Xpress Logistics


While many non-asset based brokerage providers talk about their ability to serve the needs of a wide range of shippers, for most shippers, there are numerous distinct advantages to using an asset-based carrier for brokerage services. These benefits generally fall into three main categories: access, leverage, and performance.


While this is not as much of an issue in times like the present where brokerage capacity can be readily found, using an asset-based broker allows shippers to build a relationship that will help lock down future capacity. Because they have no trucks of their own, during a capacity crunch, non-asset based brokers find themselves at the mercy of the market, whereas those who have trucks of their own, as well as an established group of external carriers, are able to offer the best of both worlds to those in need of quick capacity for spikes and peak season shipments. For example, as part of the U.S. Xpress Enterprises family, U.S. Xpress Logistics has access to roughly 5,500 of its own trucks and more than 10,000 additional carriers we can tap into at any given time.


Many shippers have also recently begun to consolidate the number of carriers/brokers they use—across all lines to reduce costs, ensure consistent service and reward the investments carriers have made in their business. Many companies who do a high volume of consistent truckload business may only have an occasional need for brokerage during spikes or particularly peak seasons. While non-asset based brokers see them as small pieces of business, the asset-based brokers with whom they do consistent truckload business see them as value customers and, as such, will generally do more to accommodate their needs. It also allows them to have one point of contact, streamlining operations, and simplifying processes like billing, tracking and improving supply chain visibility, which allows shippers to do more with less.

This shift toward vendor consolidation has been borne out by recent market activity, as well as through the results of a recent study, U.S. Xpress conducted of shipping and logistics professionals. For more information, visit


Another key benefit of using an asset-based broker is consistent performance. Whether using a U.S. Xpress truck or brokerage, those using U.S. Xpress know that they will receive the same level of service and that those handling their freight have been thoroughly trained and screened to meet the highest possible safety and security standard. Shippers who choose to use the same company for truckload and brokerage often comment on the peace of mind of knowing who’s moving their freight and the professionalism of those involved. In this business, relationships and trust matter and shippers want to work with companies who have invested in them and their company.

The bottom line is that shippers want to work with vendors who provide superior service and truly value their business. That’s exactly what we do at U.S. Xpress Logistics. We’ve expanded significantly in the past year, so, if you haven’t considered U.S. Xpress for brokerage in the past, it’s time you looked again.




U.S. Xpress Logistics is a division of U.S. Xpress, Inc., one of the nation's largest transportation companies. Founded in 2008, U.S. Xpress Logistics grew from one office in Chattanooga, TN to 4 major locations that include Chicago, Phoenix, Toledo, and Dallas. With an annual revenue of $100 million and over 120 employees, U.S. Xpress Logistics continues to grow and pave its own way through 3PL industry.