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Join the fastest growing division of one of the nation's biggest names in transportation. U.S. Xpress Logistics is an asset backed third-party logistics provider that matches carriers up with customers to move freight fast and efficiently.

U.S. Xpress Logistics strives to hire the best talent. We value the entrepreneurial spirited, the leaders, the risk takers, the committed, the resilient, and of course, the hard worker.  Does this sound like you?

What We Value in Our Employees

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - Not afraid to blaze new trails
  • Open to Coaching - Ability to listen, the ability to teach
  • Assertive & Persistent - Takes charge and doesn't give up easily
  • Risk Taking - Plan, evaluate, and when necessary, execute risks
  • Honesty - In Customer and Carrier Service and with each other
  • Integrity - Clear understanding and consistent in your ethics and values
  • Commitment - Doing the best job that you can do
  • Consistency - Always maintain a level of professional decorum, in your actions and your business
  • Resiliency - Ability to bounce back after a tough circumstance and carry on in a professional manner
  • Leadership - Ability to take charge of a situation, guide when necessary and compromise when it's possible

Meet Jennifer Wilhoit

Jennifer is a Talent Acquisition Consultant at our Chattanooga, TN location who is in charge of recruitment for U.S. Xpress Logistics. Jennifer attended Middle Tennessee State University and is a Tennessee native who began her career in recruitment here at U.S. Xpress.

Sarah suggests the following interview tips:

Tip #1: Wear business professional attire. Dressing appropriately to an interview shows respect to the potential employer and also makes you look respectable and serious about the position.

Tip #2: Remember to bring your positive attitude! Having a positive attitude and showing enthusiasm during your interview increases your chances of being considered for the position.

Tip #3: Always read up on the company beforehand! Browse our website, find us on social media and make a list of any questions you may have to ask in your interview. 

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