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Why U.S. Xpress Logistics?

Company Mission & Values

Provide a STRATEGY to deliver exceptional SERVICE that produces effective SOLUTIONS in a safe, efficient, and secure environment.

To Our Employees

We will provide structure, training, systems and resources needed for employees to build their own business within the context of U.S. Xpress Logistics' overall business model therefore giving support to aid in their success. We are successful, if our employees are successful.

To Our Customers

We will recognize our customers as our foundation by continuously striving to develop, maintain, and sustain the highest level of customer service by being relentless in our dedication to customers' needs and their business objectives.

To Our Carriers

We will recognize our carriers as strategic business associates striving to create value by matching their needs with our customers while making all transactions seamless and efficient.

Contact Us

Our 3PL specialists are available to discuss solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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